Message from the President

Message from the President

Prof. Dr. Krasae Chanawong 

President, Prof. Dr. Krasae Chanawongse is the embodiment of personal dedication and devotion towards a resilient and self-reliance society for people in the Asia and the Pacific region. He was awarded the 1973 Magsaysay Award for community leadership. He has been elected five times as Member of Parliament. He was the Deputy Bangkok Governor, the Chairman of the House of Foreign Affairs Committee, the Minister of University Affairs and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of the Prime Minister Office. Because of the great contribution in Foreign Affairs, Prof. Dr. Krasae received the Knight Grand Cordon (special Class) of the Most Exalted Order of both the White Elephant and the Crown of Thailand. He was also awarded the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun by the Emperor of Japan.

Prof. Dr. Krasae Chanawongse is a legend. He was awarded Doctor of Public Health from Columbia University and the prestige Ramon Magsaysay Award, known as Asian Nobel Prize, in community leadership. Pro.Dr. Chanawongse was served as a member of the Cabinet as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of University Affairs (Higher Education), and Advisor to the Prime Minister, and chairman at Naresuan University, Princess of Naradhiwas University and Panyapiwat Institute of Management.

Prof. Dr. Krasae Chanawongse is, now 88 years old, devoted himself to education in Thailand due to his enthusiasm and faith. Meanwhile, he promotes the connections between Thailand and international community. For example, he served as Chairman of the board of the United Nations Asian Disaster Preparedness Center.

Prof. Dr. Krasae Chanawongse said that Krirk University is historic and well- known in English education. The reputation of Krirk University has always been very notable. After taking over as university president, Prof. Dr. Krasae Chanawongse is committed to taking the university forward. Now overall full- time students are 2365 and part- time students are 745, including 1193 full- time and 284 part- time postgraduate students, and 1172 full- time and 461part- time students. Students at Krirk University enjoy their campus life and learn everyday. “I was born in the rural area and served as medical doctor. I consider that education in rural area influences the future of Thailand. I realize the importance of education, and stress that the cultivation of leadership will lead to success. The Institute of Leadership Development at Krirk University was founded for advocating leadership in all areas” said Prof. Dr. Krasae Chanawongse. Furthermore, the Institute of Thailand, China and ASEAN and Institute of Safety Management were established for better future. Dr. Krasae Chanawongse. He has been served as Chairman of the board of the United Nations Asian Disaster Preparedness Center for 25 years and aware of the importance of disaster preparedness education, such as the increasing impact of flood, drought, earthquake, volcanic eruption and tsunami.

” I think education is crucial, via the network between university and Thailand building up cooperation among countries, including education, economy, art, culture and environment. This is my belief and dedication to the fulfillment, ” said Prof. Dr. Krasae Chanawongse.