International College


“To become the most influential international college in Thailand with multilingual teaching in Chinese, English and Thai.”

Mr. Xie Sen
 Dean of International College

With high quality standards and professional ethics, we lead an excellent team of teachers to contribute new academic knowledge, cultivate high-quality comprehensive talents with international vision, pay attention to the sustainable development of academic research innovation, develop forward-looking professions, and devote ourselves to the development of China- ASEAN region and serve the global society.

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)

Meaning and importance of early childhood education. History of early childhood education both at home and abroad educational philosophy principles and patterns of learning management in early childhood education. Analysis of the nature of early childhood education in the country and abroad Government and private agencies involved in the management of early childhood education. Policy for the management of early childhood education and trends in early childhood education in the future.

Bachelor of Communication Arts (Radio and Television)

- Design and Production of Media
Concept creation for digital content production, audience analysis, effective digital planning, production and publicity.
- Appreciation of Network Audio-Visual Products
Analysis of the planning of program, the network, the integration of the classic program cases, the program operating mode, the interpretation of the visual and audio work elements.
- Sound for Design
System, method, technique, creativity, design, sound in communicating emotions, conveying feelings that are related to sound creating a coherence to the area and various forms of design work.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Art Design and Digital Media)

- Digital Painting
A variation between traditionally created art and digital art, the process of created art emerging through traditional painting techniques to using computers, practice applying visualization techniques to draw digital images using computers as a tool.
- Computer Graphic Design
Principles and methods of using software packages in writing mathematical graphs, statistical charts, line art, cartoons and practice designing with computers by using a program.
- Sketch for Presentation
Product drawing, types of drawing practice drafting and drafts for product design presentation.

Bachelor of Business Administration

- Finance
Principles and methods of project analysis and project financial valuation, including principles and methods for assessing project feasibility in business and society both in marketing labor production techniques, finance and social acceptance law, general environment environmental predictions ,income and expense predictions, study the source of funds and how to finance the project as well as project proposals and project valuation.
- Human Resources
Basic concepts of behavior at both individual levels, group and organizational levels that have an effect on working behavior within the organization that are efficient and effective. This study examines the general environment that affects changes in organizational behavior, perceptions, attitudes, job satisfaction, motivation of teamwork, communication process organizational leadership and conflict management.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Innovation Management)

Discussion of the application of knowledge of innovation management and strategic business management for situation analysis and business planning. Taking into account the business operations within and outside the relevant business environment, problem analysis Cause of problem, analyze solution options for planning and decision-making in policy-making and business strategy Providing practical knowledge by determining to study real problems of business entities as well as study case studies.


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