Liberal Arts

Business Chinese


“We aim for leadership in advancing Liberal Arts. We foster demonstrable creative thinking and leadership ability for students to serve as world citizens and establish intercultural understanding.”

Dr. Hsieh, Ming-Hsun, Ph.D.
Dean Faculty of Liberal Arts


1. To cultivate graduates equipped with both expertise and multidisciplinary competence, foster students’ self-understanding, helping them to develop values as they raise important ethical issues.
2. To strengthen the abilities of students in terms of compassion, digitization, literary-artistic creativity and critical thinking.
3. To upgrade the research and education into the liberal studies, thereby establishing a firmer ground for multiculturalism, social construction and sustainability.

Bachelor of Arts Program in English

English Literature
The development of imaginative writing in English literature, utilising a broad range of forms — fiction and poetry, as well as essays, autobiographies, histories, sermons, diaries and political documents.
An overview of the field of modern linguistics and basic skills in linguistic analysis. Language develops understandings of the various subsystems of language including phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and the lexicon.
Creative Writing
Create original forms of descriptive writing, poetry, drama and fiction. Vocabulary development, creative writing techniques and skills are explored.

Bachelor of Arts Program in Management

Business Management
Basic theories and principles by which businesses are organized and managed in modern society. Demonstrate competency by analyzing management functions, principles and processes that contribute to the achievement of organizational goals.
Holistic Integration
The fundamental building blocks of Holistic Management. Develop a Holistic Context to guide students' decisions and actions. Practical experience with the holistic decision-making process.
Social Responsibility
The major contemporary trends in corporate citizenship, social and environmental responsibility and accountability.

Bachelor of Arts Program in Business Chinese

• Academic readiness provided by highly qualified teachers, both Thai and international, with knowledge and experience.
• The course has a tuition-free policy on the Chinese language exchange.
• Classrooms are divided according to the language level of each student (for Saturday-Sunday courses and online courses).
• Excellent Chinese learning environment (there are many Chinese teachers and students).
• The presence of modern teaching equipment and a comprehensive environment and activities conducive to learning.

Bachelor of Public Health

Public Health
The complex causes of different types of public health problems, including infectious diseases, chronic diseases and environmental health hazards. A particular focus will be on how the person and the environment interact to influence health and illness.
Global Public Health
The leading causes of illness, death and disability and approaches to prevention and control of those conditions in resource-constrained settings. The complex interrelationships between social, environmental and political factors that affect health and well-being in low- and middle-income countries.

Bachelor of Communication Arts Program in Communication Arts

News Writing and Reporting
Basic elements and techniques of news reporting for different media as well as the ethics of news reporting.
Mass Media
Introducing types of mass media, including print, electronic and other modern forms and exploring the development of the mass media. The roles, structures and processes of the mass media, including the legal system, regulations and ethics.
Public Relations and Advertising
Development of public relations and advertising; terms and definitions; the impact they have had on society; a comprehensive strategic communications plan based on consumers, products, services and market research and analysis.


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