Exchange Students

Exchange Students 

        In 2020, even under the circumstance of pandemic, Krirk University and University in China planned exchange student program. Via the exchange opportunity, 77 students of Krirk University participated in the exchange program and learned the diversity of Sino-Thai culture.

Qilu University of Technology & Krirk University Exchange Students Program in April,2020

        On the morning of April 15, 2020 theQilu University of Technology & Krirk University has started Sino-Thai exchange undergraduate students held at the campus of QILU in Licheng.The leaders of the two universities and exchange students gathered together!

        The leaders of Qilu University of Technology attended the opening ceremony: Xu Ruzhi, Dean of School of Finance, Zhou Feng, Vice Dean of School of Finance, Liu Changsheng, Secretary of School of Finance, and Yu Lin, class teacher of Qilu University of Technology; the leaders of Thailand Krirk University attended: Mr. Wang Changming, Head of University Management Committee, Li Liguang, Management Committee of Thailand Krirk University, Li Yongxin, Director of China (Jinan) International Affairs Center of Thailand Krirk University, Mr. Zhang Aijun, and Mr. Kong Tao.

        Xu Ruzhi, Dean of the School of Finance from Qilu University of Technology, delivered a speech, believing that the vast majority of students will grasp the opportunity to learn through their study in the Sino-Thai exchange student program, expecting students to live up to their years and get practical improvement in their overall quality, making the class a beautiful scenery of the School of Finance.

        Mr. Wang Changming, the chairman of the management committee of Krirk University, delivered a speech that Krirk University strictly follows the regulations of the Higher Education Commission of Thailand, In the future, students who have a background of studying in Thailand will have a broader employment opportunity.

Krirk University is the university where dreams fly. In the most beautiful time of our youth, students We will study hard, work hard, and climb to the top. We will be more brilliant!

Zhang Haotian

One of the exchange student representatives

Qilu University of Technology & Krirk University Exchange Students Program in April,2020

        In September 2020, the College of Finance of Qilu University of Technology signed a cooperation and exchange student agreement with Krirk University to provide students a learning opportunity for domestic and international education interchange.

        On the morning of October 8, the undergraduate exchange students have started the exchange program.President Xu of Qilu University of Technology analyzed the development of education from domestic to foreign education in detail and hoped that students should not take Qilu University of Technology as an opportunity for their study.In the future, Krirk University will also conduct short-term exchange with many key universities in China to exchange between China and Thailand.