I want to study but I am not sure I can afford it. Does Krirk University provide student loans?

Krirk University provides student loans through the assistance of two government agencies:
1. SLF (Student Loan Fund)
2. ICL (Income Contingent Loan)
To be eligible, students should have Thai nationality, not be over 30 years old, have never worked before and with a family household income of not more than 200,000 baht per year. .

Does Krirk University offer any scholarships?

Krirk University offers two types of scholarship:
1. Scholarship for outstanding Krirk University students with a GPA of 3.50 or higher
2. Athletics Fund for Football (men) and Basketball (men)

I graduated with a Vocational Certificate, can I continue studying at Krirk University?

Yes, students who have graduated from high school are able to transfer credits to study at Krirk University, especially in fields where the length of study is similar and they can complete a bachelor's degree within one and a half years

I am finishing Secondary 6 and I would like to study on Saturdays and Sundays because I need to work during the week. Does Krirk University offer classes at weekends?

Full-time students can choose to study a special project on either a Saturday or a Sunday. Krirk University provides teaching and learning at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels and so we teach every day.

I would like to apply to enroll. What should I prepare?

When applying to study at Krirk University, students submit three documents and three sets of each one:
1) Copy of house registration document
2) Copy of ID card
3) Education qualification certificate
4) 1 inch color photograph
If you have any work experience, please prepare evidence of this because Krirk University offers credit transfer from work experience.

Have you graduated and do you have a job?

Krirk University has a wide variety of faculties and disciplines from which to choose and they are aligned with the needs of the labour market Also, our graduates are admired by entrepreneurs and executives. The university has always maintained a good reputation in the labour market.

Is it difficult to study at Krirk University?

Studying at Krirk University is not difficult. Students are requested to follow the regulations of the University and to complete the requirements of each course in a timely manner. Students who do this are able to graduate without difficulty at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

I live outside Bangkok. Does the university have dormitories?

For students from outside Bangkok, Krirk University offers free dormitory accommodation for first year students who are domiciled in other provinces. Dormitories house 2-3 people per room and are furnished with comfortable facilities.

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