Faculty of Law

Laws Program


“Promote the development of graduates and personnel. Develop knowledge towards creating wisdom for society and community.”

Acting Sub Lt. Dr. Thawan Ruyaporn
Dean, Faculty of Law


1. To cultivate human resources equipped with both expertise and multidisciplinary competence, foster students’ self-understanding, helping them to develop values as they raise important ethical issues.
2. To strengthen the faculty of compassion, digitization, literary-artistic creativity and critical thinking.
3. To upgrade the research and education of the liberal studies, establishing a firmer ground for the multiculturalism, social construction and sustainability.

Bachelor of Laws

Appling Principle of Laws and their Histories, Civil Law, Commercial and Business Law, Criminal Law, Public Law, Procedure Law, International Law, Juristic Method, and Legal Profession to Law Careers

Master of Laws

Developing Critical Thinking Idea, Analytical Skill related to Advanced Legal Knowledge and Practices (An Integrated Learning including LecturerCentered Instruction, Inquiry-Based Learning, and Research-Based Learning/Individual-Based Learning*)

Doctor of Philosophy
(Law and Administration)

Applying an Integration of Three Academic Areas of Study including Legal Study, Political and Administrative Science, and Business Administration to Professional Careers (An Integrated Learning including Lecturer-Centered Instruction, Inquiry-Based Learning, and Research-Based Learning)


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