Krirk University is one of the most reputable universities in Thailand. It was founded in 1952 by Dr. Krirk Mangkhlaphrik and has been promoting higher education in the country since 1970. At first, it used the Ratchadamnoen Buidling. Krirk was upgraded to university status in 1995.

        Dr. Krirk was a renowned educator both in Thailand and abroad. He received an honorary doctorate in education from David & Elkins College, USA. Owing to his high competence in teaching English, his high level pedagogical skills and work experience, Dr. Krirk decided to establish a university dedicated to teaching English. He became known as the first Thai person to teach modern English aimed at students wishing to understand the principles of the language so that they could use English effectively. Consequently, the institution was licensed as a “Language and Professional School.” However, most people knew it as Dr. Krirk’s School. Nowadays, the university has become well known for teaching Chinese as well.

Krirk University today is organized into several reputable faculties and colleges, including the Faculties of Business Administration, Liberal Arts and Law, the International College, Political Communication College and China International Language and Culture College.

Furthermore, the President of Krirk University, Professor Dr. Krasae Chanawongse, is one of the most famous people in Thailand. He has served in various prominent positions, such as the Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister of University Affairs, Minister to the Office of the Prime Minister and Minister of the Ministry of Public Health. He received the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Community Leadership in 1973.

Many faculty members of Krirk University have contributed to both the public and private sectors. For example, Krirk researchers have helped surrounding communities solve problems, while lecturers have taken important roles in other universities or organizations.

The Alumni of Krirk University have made distinguished contributions in the political, social and education spheres. We have such successful alumni as Dr. Chalermchai Sreeon, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives; Dr. Kanokwan Vilawan, Deputy Minister of Education, Dr. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, Secretary to the Minister of the Office of the Prime Minister, Mr. Sira Jenjaka, Member of Parliament for Bangkok and Mr. Mario Maurer, the famous actor.

Krirk University has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with hundreds of higher education institutions in China. The university also signed an MoU with Mahidol University of Thailand to promote education.

Krirk University consists of professional and highly qualified instructors. Thai and overseas faculty are both knowledgable and experienced and teach at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. There are now 129 full-time faculty members and 540 part-time instructors. Of these, 56 full-time faculty members are  PhDs and 406 part-time teachers are PhDs. Furthermore, 46 full-time faculty members are from overseas, as well as 470 part-time teachers. Lecturers at Krirk University have received the “Role Model of the Year in Education and Social Development” award. They share their knowledge with students and introduce them to new skills.

Krirk University educates both Thai and international students. There are currently 1,172 full-time undergraduate students and 461 part-time students, as well as 1,193 full-time graduate students and 284 part-time students. Of these, 305 full-time undergraduate students from overseas and 1,076 full-time graduate students are from overseas. Krirk University provides an excellent learning environment for students. The modern teaching equipment and the supportive and stimulating environment really help students to learn and to develop their personalities. Students learn from diverse cases and situations, so they can develop critical and creative thinking skills and become able to study and work independently, work with others and work efficiently in any circumstances.

Krirk University and Institutional Partnerships

Krirk University develops strong connections with institutional partnerships all over the world. More than three hundred institutional Partnerships have signed MoUs with Krirk University for exchanging students and academics.
Faculty of Liberal Arts offers several courses and majors which are designed to meet the needs of diverse learners, including curricula and majors ready for the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), such as the Public Health Program, Chinese Language, and English for Business Communication.

Graduate degrees improve teachers and help researchers to provide academic services to society and contribute to the arts and preservation of culture.

  • Promote and develop faculty and non-faculty to achieve their academic and professional potential.
  • Create new knowledge and contribute to society.