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“As a leading Political Communications institution in Thailand, we strive for international recognition and we will develop the leaders of tomorrow.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nantana  Nantavaropas
Dean of Political Communication College


“Attain your Masters and PhD.
at Political Communication College, Krirk University
where we develop the distinguished leaders of tomorrow.”

Master of Political Science

Prepare students to understand and engage with various types of political and/or governmental communication, and tend to include courses that apply communication theories and research principles to political communication strategies. Some programs focus more on the study of political communication as a field of social scientific research to prepare students for careers in academia/research or political communication pedagogy. Pedagogy includes comparative politics, international political economy, political theory.

Doctor of Philosophy in Political Communication

Clear and persuasive communication is an essential part of government operations, policy making, political advocacy, and social change. From political campaigning to developing policies and educating the community about public affairs, political communication is one of the foundations of our society and how many of its important systems function, including the justice, education, and health care systems. In addition, the academic study of political communication, including the examination of political campaigns, social media’s impact on voting patterns, and advocacy regarding environmental and public health issues, helps us to understand how communication affects people’s behavior at the individual, community, national, and global levels. Pedagogy includes global politics, political psychology, building critical skills in research and methodology.


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