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 “To be a transformational leader in business through high education standards, leading academic organization in modernity management, research development to International innovation, professional entrepreneur creation.”

Dr.Patcharavadee  Treechai
Dean Faculty of Business Administration

Field of interest in the
Business Administration

“To support, promote and regulate to meet the vision of leading being an academic organization in modernity management, research, development to International innovation and professional entrepreneur creation.”

International Logistics and Supply Chain Industry

Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Logistics and supply chain management, as a tool for managing inbound also includes outbound activities from order processing, channel distribution in both domestic and international markets
Standards for Personal Development in Logistics
• Personality Development and Service Attitude
• Warehouse Management System and Inventory Management
• Purchasing and Supply Management
• Performance Measurement in Supply Chain

Health Business Administration

Hospital Management
Familiar with the needs of a hospital, or any other large medical facility. The daily challenges of running one of these large organizations
Hospital Human Resources
Healthcare administration and healthcare services
Patient Financial Specialist
Understand all of their public and private insurance and financing options.
Patient Advocate
Skills to helping people solve their problems. An expert in the inner-workings of your organization,


Digital Marketing
Design, create, and marketing activities to support developing and satisfying of companies. A skill in creating social media websites and data analysis for planning marketing strategies.
Sales Management
Management skills, ability to build and remain relationships with different targeted customers groups and ability to close selling.
Marketing Research
Quantitative surveys, interview assessments, and using statistical software to manage and analyze information monitoring the progress of research projects.

Islamic Business

Halal Industry Management
Production management expertise And industry Islamic production standards
• Hajj and Umrah Service Management Group
• Manage tourism in Arab countries
• Islamic Financial Business Group
• Specializes in Islamic banking. Management

Information Technology and Management

Information technology for Business
Information Technology, business analysis, and data security for the competitiveness of the organizations
Big Data
Large scales, complex, and varieties of sources ( Big Data) for input into information processing in order to analyze and forecast the business trends in accurate and timely manners.
Recognizes the importance and necessities to prepare personnel with knowledge in information technology, business analysis, and data securities in order to support workforce demand and prepare for disruptive changes in technology.

Human Resources

Strategies in Human Resource Management
Manage human resources effectively in the dynamic legal, social, and economic environment currently impacting organizations.
Develops alignment with the vision, strategy,
organizational values, and HR functions. • Skills for entry-level positions and careers in the personnel or human resource management function of organizations.
Development and effective use of human resources in organizations
, Technical areas of selection, compensation, labor relations
Skills for development, for supporting
new methods

of operation. And an expert by technology able to create new innovations in HRM

Innovation Management

Strategic Innovation management
• Approach to innovation and technology strategy
Transform Business with techology
• Explor the lates in innovative technologies
Disruptive Innovation
• Develop the tolls to continuouly innovate with the world of contant change
• Skills for an assessment of your organization’s capacity for innovation, in terms of both barriers and opportunities.
• Able use tools to effectively engage with key stakeholders to overcome challenges and drive transformation in your business.
• Development a tailored strategy for your organization, equipping you with an action plan to maximize entrepreneurship and foster a culture of innovation
• Engage in modern business management Human Resource Management
• Marketing Analyst and Modern Business Development
• Executives or marketing Analysis and Planning Department

Modern Business Innovation and Technology Management

Business Management
• Able to fuse groundbreaking ideas with resources and technology to build and sustain creative and innovative organizations
• Cross-functional, interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork to keep an organization viable in corporate innovation.
• Innovation management resides within teams that are able to create cost-effective manufacturing, practical function, attractive design, and bottom-line value
• Skills to designed to offer practical training in product development
• Innovation Management is thus designed to develop personnel who are capable of integrating a suitable role for technology and innovation into those businesses ranging from policy to strategic and practical levels as well as designing and creating innovations necessary for sustainable competition.


Organization and Management
• Operation Management
• Business Finance
• Strategic Management
Tax Accounting
Tax returns for corporations, nonprofits, and individuals, tax law, the software used to electronically file taxes at the state and federal levels,
Financial Accounting
Corporate work also opens pathways to management and executive-level leadership, perhaps as a company’s Chief Financial Officer and the role of GAAP in financial statements and releases.
Management or Managerial Accounting
Oversee accounting departments or perform accounting work on behalf of a managerial team. Management concentrations give accountants a broader, business-based background. • Accountants Can Easily Diversify Their Career Options Accounting skills prone to management, investigation, or preparation of financial documents,

Aviation Business Management

Leadership and Supervision
Develop leadership techniques and behavioral traits to improve the productivity of supervisors and leaders in the workplace and enhance interpersonal skills for an aviation career.
Aviation Labor Relations
Development of labor law and policy, including statutory, regulatory, and case laws in the airline and corporate aviation.
Aviation Management
Management of aviation activities, manpower, facilities, regulations, and flight operations
Airport Management
Airport operations and management, including analysis of the role of the airport manager in planning, finance, and administration; public relations, social, political, and environmental considerations; operational requirements and facilities maintenance.
Air Transportation
Facilities, regulations, and problems encountered in commercial transportation, airline operations, economic, ethical, and social considerations.

Integrated Tourism Industry Management

Commercialization and Revenue Management Hospitality & Tourism Management
• Strengthen the executive capacities of professional or aspiring hospitality managers,
• Professional development, Enhancing the competitiveness and profitability of their establishments,
• Professional development in the sector to specialize in hospitality management.
Management, Tourism-related industry,
• Analyze travel policies and plans.
• Planning tourism resource development
• Tourism publicity
• Marketing in the tourism industry
• Tourism business operator
• Accommodation, Management