Congratulations! Let’s watch the video of the “Zhongqing Cup” of Krirk University delegation.

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Thailand, the first “Internet+” Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Thai students was launched on August 19, 2020. After several months of fierce competition, the grand finals were held on October 26.

The team “Ollie Makabaka” of Krirk University delegation consisted of four students, They are Li Rong Xin, Yang Shan Ying, Li Fei, Li Zhen and supervised by lecturer Yang Bai, Li Yuwei

The team of ” Ollie Makabaka ” entered the final round with the first place in video creation and the third place in poster design and video creation in the final round, and finally won the third place in the first “Internet+” Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Thai students.

After the preliminary round, the final round, to the final
In Thai universities, many businesses in Thailand,
China’s well-known e-commerce platform with high attention,
The students of Krirk University delegation won the third place.
They won the third place!
The winning entries are here!

The competition is an attempt to innovate the concept and explore a new path, aiming to create a new form of “four-in-one” of centralized language learning, e-commerce training, employment internship and business incubation, to improve the practical application of Chinese language for Thai university students, to learn and master the latest e-commerce and online marketing knowledge, and to actively expand the “Chinese + vocational skills training”, hoping to cultivate more language-savvy, professional and competent international talents, to help China-Thai innovation cooperation, and to benefit the people of both countries with more tangible results.

The four students of Krirk University delegation, all Thai students of the International College of Krirk University, have been studying their major courses in Chinese since they entered Krirk University, and have been studying business administration courses in the same class as Chinese students.


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