Krirk Universityoffers 5 types of scholarships as follows:

      1. Education support scholarships

      This is a one-year scholarship that is required to cover the applicant’s financial fund, by waiving tuition fees, other fees, and maintenance fees for two semesters (excluding summer session), and grants to students who are qualified as the following:

      1.1 The students who have a shortage of funds.

      1.2 The students with good conduct and never been disciplined.

      1.3 The first year students with a high school diploma or vocational certificate

      or high vocational certificate and have a GPA not less than 2.00.

      1.4 The 2nd-4th year students who have earned a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00.

      1. Athletic Scholarships

      These are given for one year time to undergraduate students. Tuition fees, fees, and other types of maintenance fees are waived. The scholarships are given to these qualified students.

      2.1 Students who are studying at university with good academic results, have good behavior and never been disciplined.

      2.2 Students who are national or regional athletes or athletes who make a good reputation to university. Or they had been outstanding athletes from an old school or any sports clubs.

      2.3 Students who have results of the study with a GPA of at least 2.00. Students must also be in the following conditions.

                  2.3.1 Respect and obey trainers and team controllers.

                  2.3.2 Follow the rules and regulations of the university strictly.

                  2.3.3 Play or do any competitions for university only. If students are going to play on behalf of another organization, they must first obtain written permission from the university. They must submit a letter of application to the university scholarship committee at least 15 days in advance of the event. Failure to do any conditions, university may suspend the scholarship.

                        2.3.4 Athletic scholarships are non-binding. The university can suspend the scholarship immediately if it is inappropriate or if students do not behave in accordance with the discipline specified.

      1. Scholarship for community service providers

      This undergraduate scholarship is given for a period of one year and exempted from the same amount of money as the education support scholarship which grants to students or outsiders who have the following qualifications:

      3.1  A person who has an outstanding works or is a member of a community service and charity organization

      3.2  A student who has good study results with a good conduct and has never been disciplined

      3.3 If  he/she is a student of Krirk University, he/she must have a GPA of at least 2.00.

      1. Emergency scholarships

      This scholarship is given to a university student who is qualified as follows:

      4.1 Be a student with good academic results, have a good behavior and never           been disciplined.

      4.2. Has earned a GPA of at least 2.00.

      4.3  Has a financial sponsor who has suffered accident, disaster or natural disaster that has a significant impact on education. This type of scholarship is for undergraduate program. Funding time and waived expenses are under the consideration of the scholarship committee.

      1. Other types of scholarships

      The scholarship is given to students not defined in this notice. The scholarship committee may determine as necessary and appropriate for the situation at that time.