Krirk University

หมายเลขโทรศัพท์ 02-5523500-9, 02-9705820 (อัตโนมัติ 20 เลขหมาย)
โทรสาร 02-5523513 (ส่วนกลาง งานสารบรรณ)

Faculty and DepartmentsExecutives

DepartmentPhone Number
- Secretary(Direct02-5523510) 201
Vice President for Academic Affairs(Direct02-5523514)
- Secretary(Direct02-5523514) 204
Vice President for Special Affairs(Direct02-5523512)
- Secretary(Direct02-5523512) 202
Assistant to President for Property207
Assistant to President for Marketing203

Office of President

Department Phone Number
Director of Office of President212
General Management212
- Documentation(FAX 02-5523513) 212
- Purchasing and General Services343
Building and Premises Division344,345
- Building Unit344,345
- Vehicle Unit and Security344,345
- Audio-Visual Equipment Unit400

Office of Library

DepartmentPhone Number
Director of Office of Library
- Development and Information Services107, 111
- Journals214

Center of Information Technology

DepartmentPhone Number
Center of Information Technology300
- Information system development and processing301
- Network and Maintenance300

Center of Research and Development

DepartmentPhone Number
Center of Research and Development402
- Promote Research and Journals402
- Research for local402

Office of Education Quality Assurance

Department Phone Number
Director of Office of Education Quality Assurance222
- Data Processing and Development Planning222

Office of Academic Affairs

Department Phone Number
Director of Office of Academic Affairs228
Academic Services and Educational Standard Division(Direct 02-9706400) 210
- Student Registration Records103,109
- Curriculum and Educational Standard Development210
- Educational Measurement and Produce Academic Documents100,110

Office of Student Affairs

DepartmentPhone Number
Director of Office of Student Affairs337
- Activities Promotion and Student Welfare Services(Direct02-9736744) 336
- Funding for Income Sources and Student Services789
- Student Dormitory335
- Student Activities and Sports336

Office of  Corporate Communication

DepartmentPhone Number
Corporate Communication Division626
Chief of Corporate Communications625
- Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations0,624, 625,626
- Digital and Social Media Production624

Faculty of Law

DepartmentPhone Number
Deputy Dean209
Faculty Secretary(Direct 02-9736741) 211,227
Law Major211,227
Master of Law Program / Doctor221,227

Faculty of Business Administration

Deputy Dean232
Faculty Secretary215
Aviation Business Management 770
Logistics Management 225
Information Technology and Management 224
Business Computer 304
Bachelor of Accounting Program
- Accounting217, 218
Master of Business Administration / Doctor of Philosophy Program in Business Administration215
- Distance Education Innovation Management Program215

Faculty of Liberal Arts

Deputy Dean433
Faculty Secretary(Direct 02-9736737) 434,644
Bachelor of Management Program320, 321
Bachelor of English Program431
Bachelor of Chinese Program511,512
Bachelor of Communication Arts Program647
Bachelor of Public Health Program / Master / Doctor433
Master of Education Program/Doctor437
Master of Arts Program620
Master of Communication Arts Program647
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Public and Private Management655,660
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Communication Innovation647

Online Educational Administration Office

DepartmentPhone Number
Academic Online274
Online Marketing274
Electronic media development274
Guidance and Employment
Relations between State and Society
Improve Image and Online Marketing 112,113
Recruitment and Academic Cooperation Work(02-9736731,02-973673-5) 112,113
Education Guidance(065-8972968) 203
Leadership Development Institute
Thai, Chinese, ASEAN Research Institute
The Institute of Safety Management at Krirk University

Asset Office

DepartmentPhone Number
Director of Asset Office207
- finance106
- Account102
- Human resources216,305
- Procurement and supplies

Center/ Institute/ Project/ Others

Department Phone Number
Dean of International College229
Dean of College of Political Communication(Direct 02-9736739) 631
Promotion and academic services for society349
Nursing room322
Savings cooperative441