I want to study, but my home financial background is not so good. Does Krirk University provide a loan to student?

Actually, Krirk University provides education loans through two government organizations:

  1. SLF (Student Loan Fund)
  2. TICAL (Thailand Income Contingent Allowance and Loan)

With the requirements that a student must be Thai nationality, age is not over 30 years old, has never worked before, and the family income is not over 200,000 Baht per year.

Is there any scholarship available at Krirk University?

Krirk University has 2 types of scholarships :

  1. Good academic performance scholarships for Krirk University students with a GPA of 3.50 or more.
  2. Athletic scholarships for football (men) and basketball (men).

Can we have a job after graduation?

Krirk University has many faculties and majors that serve the demand of labor markets. The graduates of our courses are also appreciated by entrepreneurs. The university has never received a negative response.

I am from another province. Does Krirk University have a dormitory?

For those who come from other provinces, Krirk University has free dormitory for students who are domiciled in other provinces. The room with facilities can accommodate 2-3 people according to the size of the room.

I have completed a High Vocation Certificate. Can I continue my study at Krirk University?

Yes, of course. Students who have completed High Vocational Certificate can transfer some credits to study at Krirk University; especially the same major, graduates can earn a bachelor degree within one and a half years.

Is it difficult to study at Krirk University?

Studying at Krirk University is not difficult if only students follow the rules and regulations of the university and each subject’s requirements. Then, it’s not difficult for those students to complete a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a doctoral degree.

I finished high school and would like to work on weekdays and study at the weekends. Does Krirk University have Saturday-Sunday courses?

Students who have regular full-time work can choose a special program that is available on Saturday – Sunday or on Sunday only. Krirk University provides undergraduate and graduate courses.

I would like to apply here. What documents do I have to take to university?

Required documents are:
1) copy of house registration 2) copy of ID card 3) certificate of education 4) 1 inch of color photo.
If you have work experience, you can bring evidence. Krirk University considers your work experience as some credits to be transferred.